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My directing style is rooted in my favorite word, sonder. Sonder is defined as, "the feeling one has on realizing that every other individual one sees has a life as full and real as one’s own, in which they are the central character." Every single one of us has a life as complex and messy as the next. I like to think of it in the lens of a window. Windows may be filled with books, lamps, curtains, knick-knacks, jewelry boxes, plants. . . anything and everything. Every window is as different and unique as the human who inhabits that space behind it, a space that holds so much of someone's life. A first birthday, and the last birthday. The first time you tell them "I love you" and the night they broke your heart. Your first night in a new city, and the last night in the apartment that changed your life. And when you take a step back, and look at all the windows that surround you, you can see all the other lives that exist along with yours, but lives you'll never know. 

Directing is my chance to share with others how I see the world, and how I view the human experience. I enjoy pieces that share complex and often difficult hardships we face, but are infused with optimism and joy. Empathy is a powerful tool that is unfortunately sometimes hard to find in this world. I want to create theatre that infuses empathy, joy, compassion into the hearts of an audience. If even just one person leaves the theatre with a little more love and understanding for others in their heart, I have done my job. Theatre is a powerful tool in shaping the lives of others, and I want to change the world one person at a time. 


Caleb Sheedy Production Resume 2024


Lonely Planet by Steven Dietz
Black Box Players, Syracuse University
April 2021

Cast: Sam Asa Brownstein, Brandon Richards, Rachel Langetieg, Stella Schwartz, Sammy Haines and Shaun Collins. 

Songs For a New World
Independent Project, Syracuse University
September 20


*This project was done in a concert-style performance for educational purposes only.


Olivia Lacie Andrews, Giuliana Augello, Elana Babbitt,  Michael Cagnetta, Kennedy Campbell, Emily Decker, Eve Dillingham,  Christina Dimare, Savannah Devlin, Corinne Ferrer, Ellie Kallay, Katarina Kelly, Jaelle Laguerre, McKay Marshall, Tida Niles, Yasmin Ranz-Lind, Tom Riggleman, and Olivia Tyrrell

Staged Readings

A Deeply Disturbing Dive into the Family Dynamics of a Teen Rom-Com by Anka Chiorini 
Young Playwrights Festival, Syracuse Stage 
June 2023

Cast:  Sam Asa Brownstein, Michael Cagnetta, Tom Riggleman and Haley Wright

This project was done as part of Syracuse Stage's education initiative, the Young Playwright's Festival. Each spring, high school students in the greater Syracuse area are encouraged to submit a 10 minute short play. Finalists will have their plays chosen and done as a staged reading in partnership with Syracuse University's Department of Drama. 

You can watch the full Young Playwrights Festival Night 2 here.

Almost, Maine by John Cariani
Black Box Players, Syracuse University 
July 2020

This project was produced by Black Box Players as a virtual staged reading in the summer of 2020, as an initiative to continue creating art in the face of the pandmeic, and to create more opportunities for students. 


Andrea Baker, Sam Asa Brownstein, Spencer T. Lombardo, Kevin Morrison, Elizabeth O'Malley, Maria Victoria Polanco, Eli Schwartz and Freddy Vaccaro


"The Retreat"
Syracuse University Tepper Semester 
April 2022

This project was created as part of a short film assignment for class while at the Tepper semester in NYC. The only prompts and requirements that were given was a choice of one of three promtps, this one's prompt ebing, "The Trip". The film was written, directed and produced by myself in collaboration with my classmates. The film was inspired by Broad City (S3 E9) and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Cast: Andrea Baker, Michael Cagnetta, Alessandra Casanova, Diane Cervelli, Ruthie K Evans, Imri Leshed, Emily Madison, Brina Rosen, and Haley Wright

*This project was done for educational purposes only. I do now own the rights to the music. 

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